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Unparalleled exposure to luxury real estate buyers, sellers and investors. Market yourself to the perfect demographic of clientele for your business, when they need your products and services the most!


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Thousand Page Views

The magazine is a lifestyle and relocation publication, utilized by many of the worlds leading luxury real estate brands to support their clients. The publications are provided at every stage of the buying, selling and relocation process, as a trusted and verified source of information. The Base magazine (fomerly known as The Opendoor magazine) elevates local businesses and localizes national brands.

Be a key part of the information a luxury realtor provides to their clients!

The Guide is a versatile publication, utilized at a variety of touch points, such as open-house and marketing events, listing presentations, via email and social media, and many more... It offers a comprehensive destination guide to the services of the real estate company and the neighborhoods they represent, custom maps, and other vital information a client would need during a real estate transaction.

Be there when these discerning clients need you the most, as part of an exclusive and trusted source of valuable businesses and service providers.

An unique concept, delivered brilliantly! The magazines and guides are also available in a digital format. The guide will often be prominently featured on the host website and email signatures, within social media and email campaigns, and many other strategic locations. Far more flexible than the print copy, the digital can be regularly updated, making the publications even more unique. Gain access to powerful analytics to track revenue and conversions for your business!

What people say about us...

"Greydoor publishing is a natural partner for us at the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Just like our members, they strive to provide the highest level of service and support to their clients. Their work is of the highest quality and engages individuals who want to make a unique impact on the world."

- Rob King

Director of Marketing

National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)

"Your publication is exquisite and aligns with our luxury branding and positioning in the South Texas marketplace. This company truly embraces caring for their clients and will provide you analytics, additional opportunities to improve or enhance your ad campaign and sincerely implore your feedback for improvement on how they can serve you better. I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed this experience with Greydoor Publishing. I would highly recommend investing in this opportunity!"

Danielle Conques

Marketing Coordinator

Keith Zars Pools

"I have truly been pleased with my relationship with Opendoor publishing. The support all through the process from first contact, providing layout support for advertising, connecting me with their partners and most of all the quality of the printed material that they publish. Very pleased to be in continued relationship and would recommend any design professional do the same."

- Colleen Knowles

Principal Interior Designer

Colleen Knowles Interior Design

“We are excited to offer a truly unique publication, presented in a beautiful format with gorgeous images that depict our San Diego lifestyle. The publication provides our clients with comprehensive, local destination intel including compelling and engaging editorial, and additional content to educate and guide them through their buying, moving and relocating transition.”

- Wendy Purvey

Chief Operations Officer

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

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