And...Relax: Planning the Perfectly Romantic Honeymoon

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but you’ll also thank yourself later for taking the time to design the perfect honeymoon! We know all of this planning and decision-making can be stressful, but we’re here to help you make planning your honeymoon fun and exciting.

Where To Go

The first step when planning a honeymoon is settling on a location. But how do you choose between a sunny tropical island, a majestic mountain getaway or an exciting city break? Most couples already have an idea of what kind of vacation they want, whether it’s one full of hiking and exploring, a trip centered around lounging on the beach or a lavish week in a stunning city.

In case you're stumped, here are some of the most magical and memorable honeymoon destinations to consider.


Bermuda is a beautiful island to visit if you want a relaxing honeymoon where you can lie on the beach and work on your tan. The island has lovely weather all year and offers the most unbelievable ocean views, perfect for honeymoon photo ops.


For a stunning Italian backdrop to your honeymoon, visit Sicily. The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily offers newlyweds idyllic villages, tranquil blue waters, and a rich history to explore. Enjoy some of the finest Italian food and wine as you relax in the most breathtaking surroundings.


Nantucket is a quaint and charming island off the coast of Massachusetts that is a popular and endearing honeymoon spot. With warm sunsets and coastal charm, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy your partner’s company. You can rent an adorable cabin or a lavish beachside mansion, Nantucket offers options for newlyweds on all budgets.


For adventurous couples who love to ski, snowboard and hike, Aspen, Colorado, is a beautiful place to have your honeymoon. The four mountains with snowcapped peaks make for gorgeous views while you sip on spiked hot chocolate in a luxury ski lodge. Unlike one of its close rivals, Vail, Aspen is quiet and peaceful and offers a lovely atmosphere for an intimate but exciting trip.


Many people don’t realize how romantic and stunning Iceland can be, especially the city of Reykjavik. It’s perfect for all couples, whether you’re outdoorsy and adventurous or just want to relax. There are majestic waterfalls, massive glaciers and black sand beaches you can explore. Plus, you can’t miss the chance to take a dip in the healing waters of the natural hot springs or admire the whimsy of the Northern Lights.

It’s Time to Pamper and Indulge

Everyone knows that planning and executing a wedding, even a smaller, intimate one, is no small task. Whether you have 50 or 300 guests at your wedding, you will probably be exhausted from the decision-making, celebrating and overall madness. So when it comes time for your honeymoon, we’re giving you full license to indulge in whatever you want and pamper yourself like royalty.

Forget the crowded airport shuttles, the at-times unpredictable taxis and learning public transport in a new city. Consider renting a car for your honeymoon or hiring a chauffeur to take you wherever you want to go, making it easy for you and your partner to fully relax without worrying about driving. At the very least, spring for Uber Black on your honeymoon!

You can take it to the next level and charter a private flight or yacht so you and your sweetheart can bask only in each other’s love following your commitment celebration. These luxury options can be pricey but will make for a supremely romantic and unforgettable vacation.

Find a few high-end dining spots near your honeymoon destination and indulge in your favorite cuisines. From fun fondue restaurants to al fresco bistros that serve delicious food under the stars to intimate and romantic eateries, no honeymoon is complete without some sensational food.

Whatever your definition of indulgence is, your honeymoon is the perfect time to pamper yourselves before heading back to reality.

Romantic and Cute Couple Activities

If you want to maximize the romance of your honeymoon, plan intimate and memorable activities that will only bring you and your new spouse closer together in marital bliss. As mentioned, you can indulge in relaxing and serene activities, like getting a couple’s massage or lounging on the beach. Plan an outdoor picnic or stroll down to the beach to watch the sunset. There is no shame in completely taking it easy on your honeymoon!

For more lively activities, consider scheduling a helicopter tour around the area, a snorkeling trip to a reef or bustling bay, or a romantic hike to a sparkling waterfall. You can plan a private picnic at the top of an awe-inspiring mountain or ride bikes down the beach and soak up the sunset. Go kayaking in the ocean or do something new like snowshoeing or skydiving!

Happy Honeymoon Wishes

We want to offer you a few final suggestions for planning your trip and wish you a happy honeymoon! It’s important to plan the vacation as a couple; otherwise, one person’s preferences may not be fully considered. It’s valuable to plan your trip thoughtfully, and we suggest leaving a few days free so you can either relax or do something spontaneous. Yet arranging a few activities and dinners beforehand can make the trip more memorable.

This vacation is a special time for you and your new spouse to celebrate your commitment before returning to your daily lives, so make sure you take the time to truly appreciate this time together.

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