Big Day, Big Picture: Choosing the Right Photographer and Videographers for Your Wedding

You’ve been planning this for a really, really long time. Invitations have been sent. Locations have been booked. And all those other million details — the food, the entertainment, what you’ll be wearing, where everyone will be seated. The list goes on and on. Still despite all the hoops to jump through, the end result is going to be totally worth it: your wedding will indeed be a day to remember. Friends and family will never forget everything from the walk down the aisle to the exchanging of vows to the throwing of the bouquet. And to make sure that those wonderful moments are preserved forever, there is perhaps one decision you have to make above all to make sure that happens.

Choosing the very best wedding photographer and/or videographer for your Big Day is the one piece that will make all of the other million little details live forever. We’re talking about recording the event and all of the milestones from entrances to exits that must not only be recorded but be captured in the most stunning way possible. Picking out the right person with the best eye for the job is absolutely critical. After all, you could have the most beautiful decorations in the most stunning space ever — but somebody who doesn’t understand lighting or color balance properly could lead to your memories being lackluster in review. Not to worry! These tips will help make sure you hire the right professional to forever preserve your special day.


Getting started in picking out a photographer or a wedding videographer all starts with your eyes. You need to carefully review the portfolio of all of your candidates. That means going to websites and viewing picture after picture, video clip after video clip. And don’t just start and end with whatever is featured on the website. Dig deep. If you don’t see a whole lot of images to check out, consider that suspect. You want to look through dozens and even hundreds of their examples. If you find you like what you see — go look through another portfolio, and another and another. In tandem with imagery, read testimonials. Satisfied customers will gladly leave positive reviews. Seek these out not only on the photographer’s website but also outside sources to see what people are saying. In this way, you see the substance of their professionalism and work.


Once you’ve gotten past the substance of your prospective photographer and videographer, it’s time to get into the style they work in. Consider what your own wedding is going to be like. Let’s say it’s outdoors in the daytime on the harbor. Be sure your prospective hire has waterfront experience. Or if it’s at night in an event space with floor-to-ceiling picturesque windows, look for that — or anything that resembles your timing and setting. Even if you love their work, inexperience in your particular preferred style will not serve you best. After you’ve zeroed in a little closer to a good choice, the next step is to talk and even spend a little time with the photographer. This is someone you will want to feel very comfortable working with. Not only that but you will also want to be sure they share your sense of style. Do they make colors pop or maybe go for a muted feel? Do they like to do loads of impromptu camera movements or prefer to work with static prepared setups? You’ve seen their work, you like their approach, now ask them about how they do what they do and what drives them. The more you feel on the same page, the better the chance you will like the final product they create for you.

Dream Teams

Whether you hire a photographer or videographer who flies solo or someone who arrives with a couple of assistants is entirely up to you. Smaller weddings will benefit from having only one person who can blend into the wedding party seamlessly, capturing intimate moments up close. On the other hand, hiring a larger team is advised for bigger weddings. You don’t want to be worried all day that you’re not getting the coverage you want, and just one person can’t be everywhere at once.

If you’re going to be hiring both a photographer and videographer, then be sure to meet them together before the Big Day so they can plan a flawless experience for you. It’s better if the videos and pictures coordinate and complement one another rather than get in each other’s way. Pro tip: if you’ve already hired one, they can usually recommend another. Regardless of how you go, you are in charge here. Be sure to approve all plans on how this teamwork will be executed!

Package Deals

In most cases, a wedding isn’t about just one ceremony or even just one day. The night before can feature wedding rehearsals, dinners and other activities that may be just as important and memorable as the actual tying of the knot. Talk to your prospective photographers and videographers about packaging their services to cover everything that matters for you. And besides covering the time, there are other awesome perks that many will offer up. For example, assembling images or clips for your social media accounts. Or maybe you want the videographer to provide a full streamlined edit of the whole affair. Do you want “teaser trailers” and themes, or are you just looking for raw footage to edit for yourself? Regardless of your desire, probe to find out what the options are. If it’s important to get that first kiss in a closeup, or that last drive away in the limo as a long shot, make sure that planning is part of the deal. With just a little work, you can end up with a very memorable day you can enjoy over and over again!

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