Paradise Found: Building Your Bahamas Dream Home

Everybody has a dream house. Deep within our hearts, a longing to create a space that feels perfectly suited to you and your cohabitants is a yearning we can all relate to. Images of that ideal habitation can run the gamut from the practical to sheer fantasy.

And so much of it has to do with who you and your companions are as people. Certain questions may arise in the mind. For example: what’s the most important room in the house to me? Kitchens can often top the list. Open designs that allow for everything from hanging cookware to an island for prep and storage come to mind. Those who focus more on their sleeping quarters may envision generous proportions to accommodate that four-post bed of their fancy. Perhaps a cavernous living room area with picture windows? Or the secluded and cozy “man cave” to hide away your collectibles? One can always dream..

Approaching the realization of that dream may be far less out of reach than one supposes. If you already have a home you are in love with, but just need to add that special something — or even perhaps reduce space you find excessive — then a renovation strategy could be at hand. Creating that elusive addition you’ve always wanted or perhaps even adding a guest house on the property might be the way to go. If you’re seeking to purchase a new home, then finding one that has as many of your desired qualities is a great way to start. But even then, renovations may be in order to really get it where you want it to be. And then there’s the ultimate approach: building your own home from the ground up. Imagine what you could do then! Whatever path you take, we understand the process can seem daunting. That’s why you’ll find some ideas here to help you get going and take some of the mystery out of such a wonderful undertaking.

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

If you’re one of those people who simply loves to eat, believe us, you’re not alone! So many of us find sublime delight in treating our taste buds to mouthwatering offerings. And if you love to level up from merely enjoying food to being a home chef, then the single most important room in the house is going to be the kitchen. There have been great works of literature devoted to the subject from Fanny Flagg’s Fried Green Tomatoes to Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate. Senses are perked by the prospect of warm ovens baking, stoves a-frying and greens getting sliced, releasing their inviting aromas and getting our salivary response going in great anticipation. Whether you’re a refined artisan or just a person who loves concocting an evening meal, the kitchen can be the very soul of your abode. Crafting the best space possible for your permanent cornucopia is therefore very serious business!

Living in Nassau means having access to some of the most delicious produce in the world. It’s an inspiring situation that brings out just about everyone’s inner Emeril! The Bahamas are bountiful with yearlong growing seasons producing a wide array of scrumptious tropical fruits, vegetables, spices and more. The sea provides a prodigious supply of fish, shellfish, crustaceans and all manner of salty goodness for the table. Chicken and pork dishes conceived here have become famous the world over, so having the best kitchen possible to take advantage of such a wonderful situation is key. How much space do you have in your home to hold everything you need? Whether you’re thinking about pots and pans, appliances or storage for dishware and glassware, it can seem a challenge to find a comfortable arrangement that will ensure access to everything you will need in your kitchen.

If you’re not sure what the best way to go is with your new or renovated kitchen in Nassau, Caso Kitchen & Design ( is a great place to start. You can find Chalo Caso at Airport Industrial Park, Nassau, Bahamas or contact by email ([email protected]) or phone (242-601-3077). The website and store are great places to get started for ideas that are not only practical but eminently stylish. Keep in mind that a modernized kitchen is far more than just a convenience or vanity project. Over 80 percent of homebuyers list the kitchen as one of the most important factors in purchasing a house. That means building that dream cooking space can be an investment for future resale value.

A nice scullery is also conducive to well-being. There’s a direct connection between nutrition and a healthy mind as the association of taking care of oneself reinforces a positive mental outlook. Entering an inviting space that inspires you to make great meals is part of that equation so you’re not only protecting the future of your home, but of your body as well. Another room that can inspire a sense of well-being is the bathroom — another popular item on prospective homebuyers’ lists. Approach a bathroom design with the same ethos and you will make your dwelling all the more appealing for yourself and anyone who may follow.

Since 1967, Downsview Kitchens has been producing the finest kitchen furnishings on the market. Through the years they have assembled a remarkable team of technicians, craftsmen, finishers, and artisans who have made the company one of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

With hundreds of possible color and finish combinations they can create truly unique designs. Each kitchen is the result of years of experience and product research, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology to develop the most functional and stylish kitchens available. At Downsview, they take great pride in the design, workmanship and quality of product.

After installation, they continue to fully support the Downsview name by providing the best warranty in the business. Downsview Kitchens has been serving the Bahamas and the Caribbean for over 20 years and continues to be the leader in quality, design, and service.

To contact a design consultant, please call 772-971-0241 or visit

Easy Living Few rooms in the house offer the immediate sensation of respite and comfort the way the living room does. This place is so many things. It offers a space for entertaining guests with room for conversation, enjoying a little home theater or maybe playing one’s favorite board game. For the family, it can be where that huge jigsaw puzzle is put together by everyone or maybe where folks can gather for a reunion. And for the homeowner, it’s just that one refuge where the couch awaits to offer solace and soothing while you listen to some music, watch TV or just cozy up with a book. Sanctuary, window to the world outside and seat of power — getting the living room right is critical to feeling a solid sense of feng shui flowing throughout your home. For those putting together their first living room in Nassau, there are some considerations to be prepared for. One of the very few drawbacks of living on an island is, well — it’s an island! So some resources simply need to be imported from elsewhere. This means a series of challenges to meet when seeking furniture: shipping costs, duties, complex processing and more. But before you despair over such a daunting prospect, keep in mind there are folks available to make all this easier.

With the help of Konrad Zeilmann and his team, housewares lifestyle specialists BDC Living ( can facilitate by presenting a transparent experience from the design strategy to selecting furniture and delivering everything. BDC even provides a full warranty for items damaged in shipping.

You can contact them at [email protected] or by calling 242-377-4445. They are easy to visit in Nassau at either their store on Windsor Field Road (West) or their store on East Bay Street (East).

From the Ground up

It’s always lovely to add new details to your existing home or even undergo major remodeling. But how about the opportunity to build your own house? There’s nothing quite like being able to think about what you want out of a home and customizing a design that reflects the person you are. As a resident of Nassau, you’re already declaring your commitment to a different lifestyle that takes an easygoing pace and fills it with everyday beauty. When building your own house, that lifestyle can become a statement that introduces every visitor to you even before they come in through your door. It’s like finding what’s inside of you and surrounding yourself with it so that a home becomes that much more of one’s own castle! Once making such a profoundly personal choice — where to start? You’re going to need a contractor who can help you realize your dream house in the design stage, then follow up with quality construction.
Pineapple House Restoration ( covers everything with a professional creed: discovery, defining, destiny. They meet to hear out your vision, then organize that vision into a plan and finally engage in an on-time, on-budget process of constructing your dream house. Lifelong Nassau real estate veterans Tony Miaoulis and Nicolas Mosko commit themselves toward facilitating personalized service second to none in the Bahamas. Conveniently located, they can be reached by phone at 242-326-6441 or via email: [email protected]. They will deliver up-to-date tech, premium materials and the most modern construction techniques.


Follow the Money

Naturally, to make all these home renovation dreams come true, it’s going to take some resources to cover costs. That’s when good financial services come into play. Whether it’s about wealth management or loans for your big project, finding a good private banking partner will make all the difference. Lombard Odier & Cie ( is prepared to look at your assets and help you maximize those assets and investments. You can reach out to Alanna McCartney at 242-302-2100 or visit their Nassau office located at Goodman’s Bay Corporate Centre – West Bay Street. From August 2020 you’ll find them at their new location: Lyford Cay House – Lyford Cay Drive.

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