Our Partners

Partnerships have become an exciting prospect for the Greydoor Publishing team. We absolutely see them as an opportunity and know that they can lead to unexpected successes and immense satisfaction.

Les Clef D'or USA

When we partnered with Les Clefs d’Or USA back in 2016, it became our mission to work with the best hotels to produce a magazine that promoted the hotels themselves and also the businesses who were able to support the needs of their guests. Businesses who offer the same level of service that guest had learnt to expect while in the hotel.

We have achieved this and more over the past 6 years and continue to champion the efforts of fabulous concierge the world over. They really can make the difference when you stay at a hotel that understands the need for that next level of guest support.

Forbes Travel Guide

For many years we have worked closely with Forbes Travel Guide to support their efforts to champion those in the hospitality industry who strive for excellence. Hotels, restaurants and spas all over the world strive to attain their recognition and they are to be celebrator pushing those involved in the luxury hospitality industry to be their best.

We produce our publications for many of their rated properties and take pleasure in highlighting all that the property has achieved.


The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is dedicated to developing and promoting the remodeling industry’s professionals, its product and its purpose. It is an organization that understands how important it is that a company and its team are capable and accountable when it comes to being part of a project. This is why we are pleased and proud to be their industry partners.

Sotheby’s International Realty clients deserve a source more reliable than an internet search. Through the promotion of NARI and its members in the Base magazine we hope to highlight certified professionals to homeowners and that it supports them in finding a tradesman who will deliver the highest quality service and workmanship.

Sothebys International Realty

When it comes to luxury, global real estate, there really isn’t a company that compares. It is our privilege to work with some of the most respected real estate pioneers in the world and to support them in their efforts. The brand itself is globally respected but we have realised that the individuals who make up the network are ambassadors for that brand and that they set the standard in a complex and challenging real estate market. Through working with SIR directly and with their affiliate network, we have uniquely supported them and their clients.

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