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Thousand Page Views

The Hitched Magazine is a comprehensive guide to booking and planning every aspect of a wedding at some of the most iconic hotels and wedding venues in the world! They are provided at every stage of the booking process, from the moment they inquire or make a reservation, during the event and long after they leave.

The Hitched magazine is also available in a digital format!

Elegantley published on our digital platform, The Hitched magazine will often be prominently featured on the hotel website and email signatures, within social media and email campaigns, booking confirmation and prearrival emails, and many other strategic locations. Far more flexible than the print copy, you are able to regularly update your artwork, providing access to timely offers and promotions.

Gain access to powerful analytics to track revenue and conversions for your business!

What people say about us...

"We launched the Sotheby’s International Realty business in St. Kitts & Nevis to showcase the islands to the world, to share the warmth of the people and the culture, and to give people a taste of all that the islands have to offer. It was a dream to create a publication that did just that – it shared island life. The Greydoor Publishing team allowed us to realize our dream through the publication of the Island Life magazine. The Greydoor team has created a turnkey approach to custom publications. From the initial conversation through the delivery of the magazines, the team has managed each step flawlessly. They worked with us to transform our vision into an intriguing piece, with the right mix of island information, industry articles and company content.  

By Greydoor facilitating partnerships with local advertisers, they made it possible to produce a beautiful publication that has traveled the globe at no cost to us. The quality of the magazine far exceeded our expectations – the soft touch of the cover set the tone.

We are grateful for the Greydoor team, and we look forward to partnering on the next publication."

- Carolyn Paine

Head of Marketing

St. Kitts and Nevis Sotheby's International Realty

"I have truly been pleased with my relationship with Opendoor publishing. The support all through the process from first contact, providing layout support for advertising, connecting me with their partners and most of all the quality of the printed material that they publish. Very pleased to be in continued relationship and would recommend any design professional do the same."

- Colleen Knowles

Principal Interior Designer

Colleen Knowles Interior Design

“We are excited to offer a truly unique publication, presented in a beautiful format with gorgeous images that depict our San Diego lifestyle. The publication provides our clients with comprehensive, local destination intel including compelling and engaging editorial, and additional content to educate and guide them through their buying, moving and relocating transition.”

- Wendy Purvey

Chief Operations Officer

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

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