Just Out Your Front Door: Transforming Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

One thing that living in North America can mean, more than in other parts of the world is all the space readily available. Visitors from places like Europe and Japan are often awed by the wide swaths one can travel without encountering any sign of human civilization other than the road one is driving upon.

This geographical fact also lends itself to greater possibilities when it comes to homeownership. Unlike a great deal of Old-World environs, North America affords a plethora of opportunities for owning healthy acreages where one can build amazing luxury homes complete with surrounding facilities great and small.

For those looking to amp up these outdoor spaces, there can be a sort of limit of approach that is not only unnecessary but also a denial of the great potential presented. While there’s nothing wrong with a piping hot barbeque and some lounge chairs, that should only be the beginning of your home-outside-the-home.

Taking advantage of a large plot of land means bringing in every possible passion you feel to beset under the sky. Optimally, you should be spending as much time outside your walls as within. Not only that, but you could also craft an atmosphere that would replace many of the destinations you once frequented before, effectively taking public infrastructure into your private hands.

The sky here is literally the limit. Think big, act big and live big — that’s what your ample acreage is all about! Here are a few ideas to get you started, but really, you should launch from these to your own ideal for what your outdoor space will really become.

From Inside Out to Outside In

When is a living space lacking a ceiling? When you’re taking that whole “inside” feel to your outdoor space! As already noted, outdoor furniture is key here. Yes, of course, couches, lounge chairs, recliners, ottomans and more should be set up on your patio. A proper dining table set for eating al fresco is key too.

That brings us to the next big thing: making a kitchen of your outdoor space! We’ve already discussed the prerequisite BBQ. Building a nice brick grill alongside a clay oven can warm hearts and get mouths to water. But also think about a bar space ready to mix tiki cocktails. Get plumbing involved to make it a wet bar. And find a sheltered space to have a fridge handy.

But wait! Where will you put all of this? Well on your custom-made deck, of course! Whether you’re looking to craft a wooden wonder or simply level a space for a concrete pour or tiling, designing a deck space can anchor the atmosphere you conjure up. And don’t forget to electrify it all so you have good lighting and plenty of outlets to plug stuff into.

Finally, don’t forget one last aspect of bringing the “inside” out: decor. Beautifying your outdoor space can be expressed in everything from lawn sculptures to fountains and string lighting. You can even have “living art” in the form of a koi pond! Potted plants, art installations and wall mosaics can all add that warm touch of creativity that already defines indoor spaces like the living room.

How Your Garden Grows

And speaking of potted plants, how about we expand past that — as in way past that — when it comes to designing your outdoor space? Landscaping is probably the most impactful project for your property outside of the home itself. Everything from practical matters like proper drainage and foundational integrity to aesthetic elements like flower beds and graded walkways will define everything else you create in that space.

Professional landscapers can craft planting schemes that create surroundings beautiful to the eye. Clinging vines, swaying tall grasses and floral arrangements all create incentives for getting out into the fresh air. Fragrant flowers and herb gardens can even add a touch of pleasing aroma to add to the atmosphere.

If you’re into growing your own food, making space for vegetable beds can not only be culinarily rewarding but also encourage family activities. Throw in a few fruit trees like apples, pears and plums, you can even be looking at a mini-orchard to harvest together. In some regions, you could even be looking at oranges and peaches. Nothing is quite as life-affirming as the produce on your plate coming from your own backyard.

Your Own Private Rec Center

Ready to take your outdoor space to the next level? Let’s expand upon the possibilities. You’ve made some room for gatherings, some room for landscaping — now it’s time to take a look at some serious recreational facilities! Start with the obvious: build in a pool.

Combined with the barbeque, having your own pool provides the optimal gathering point for friends and family. Properly placed, it becomes an extension of your outdoor hospitality space, ensuring lots of folks will be hoping for an invite!

But how about really bringing the rec center home? Build your own private tennis court to keep on top of your game. Strategically share that space with basketball hoops for some fun pickup games or even shuffleboard.

Set up lawn space for croquet or craft your own bocce ball court. Transform an unused piece of lawn into a golf putting range. Or even set up a hole a hundred yards away to practice your swing. The folks at the club won’t ever guess how you upped your game so much!

If you’re feeling really outdoorsy, set aside some of your space for an equestrian setup. Horse stables and pens can keep your hooved buddies close at hand and even take you for a ride if your area is zoned for it.

If you’ve got enough land out there, you can even forge your own private trails either for horseback or jogging or even leisurely strolls. Basically, you could be living just outside your own private park! From there, keep going with your own outdoor space upgrade ideas!

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