Permanent Vacations in Mallorca

Now that you’ve spent some time in Mallorca, those who’ve been there would not be surprised if you never wanted to leave. After all, the draws are many and alluring. Marvelous beaches—miles and miles of them—with watersport opportunities all year round. Unbelievable food and drinks, easily found in every corner of the island. A nightlife scene so legendary that the island’s very name is practically synonymous with having a good time.

But would you really want to live here? The answer is yes—yes and yes! And there are a whole lot of very good reasons to consider it, beyond all the fun you are sure to have. From the quality of life to cultural diversions, there’s plenty that can make the transition easy. And the perks go well beyond what the postcards depict. Truly, Mallorca has a great deal more to discover than all-night dancing and skipping on the shore. Here are a few reasons to make your vacation here as permanent as possible!

One Island, Many Worlds

As already mentioned, the coast of Mallorca is one of the biggest reasons people flock to the area. Summers here are made for bathing and diving, while mild winters still make boat outings charming and rewarding. But why always rely on just the ocean to get out there? There are all different types of terrains and vistas to experience on the island, perhaps less famous than the beach scene, but just as fulfilling. Brace yourself–there might even be a little winter wonderland thrown in for good measure!

There are forests here, loaded with trees and hiking trails. Everyone from bird watchers to seekers of peace and quiet has plenty of greenery to lose oneself within. Caves also gape down below the well-trodden surface. Whether it’s ocean coves or land-based caverns to explore, spelunking delights await the brave and curious alike.

The majestic mountains also beckon. Summiting peaks are a popular option, or just drive some of the upper-altitude highways for spectacular views that go all the way to the sea. Rock climbing is also available for those ready to rope it up and down sheer drop-offs. And we promised you a touch of winter, too, didn’t we? Snow can accumulate during the colder months at the highest points of the island. If you’re willing to trek, you can enjoy Christmas as if you were in more northern latitudes!

Mallorca Gold

Connecting to the beauty of nature will be the highlight of any visit. There are breathtaking views as far as the eye can see, from the seemingly endless mountain ranges to the idyllic coastlines below. Spanning about 90 km is the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca’s stunning mountain range that reaches from Andratx to Pollença. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tramuntana Range shows a history of agricultural advances that made a hospitable place out of more barren lands. The coasts are also very unique, with beautiful sandy beaches, coves and resorts where the palms stand along the beach. The calm Balearic Sea allows one to enjoy and relax at any time of year. Visitors can rest easy without worrying about dangerous animals, with the largest animal on land being the goat, and waters free of jellyfish and sharks. Venture inward from the coast and you will find romantic Spanish villages and agricultural areas famous for their wines. These are just some of Mallorca’s unique gems.

In addition to beautiful landscapes, Mallorca boasts a highly connective airport, with Palma de Mallorca forwarding nearly 30 million passengers in 2018. It’s expected that 2019 will show a 2-3 percent increase, putting it on par with JFK. On any given day, you are bound to find a direct flight from your international airport. Palma de Mallorca is the third largest airport in Spain, following Madrid and Barcelona. Along with the airport, the island offers reliable infrastructure, safe roads and 23 golf courses. Few regions in Europe manage to merge their lively culture so seamlessly with the picturesque environment.

Of the island’s seven stunning regions, the southwest regions, places like the capital of Palma de Mallorca, are the most popular. There, newcomers can find more of an active lifestyle, with trendy restaurants and bars, shops, golf and even schools for the families who plan to stay longer. For those whose needs are more suited by Mallorca’s other regions, we are happy to help narrow it down by the length of stay, cost and the individual needs of any family. Mallorca Gold | Real Estate by Daniel Waschke

So Much So Close

Another nice thing about Mallorca is that, while it is a fairly large island with plenty to see and do, it’s also fairly compact, making a lot of very cool places always close at hand. With a top length of 120 kilometres this means you can get from one end to the other in just a couple of hours. Spend a lovely day at the beach, and then stroll up to the mountains for a nightcap. Experience the best of both worlds without having to waste time traveling. It’s a matter of convenient access to contrasts, avoiding the choice of settling for one setting or another.

This also means you can have a heavy cultural shift in short order as well. Imagine starting your day in bustling Palma, then traversing the countryside for more chill hamlets. Quaint villages and towns dot the island. Many have their own festivals, traditions and specialties leading to exciting new discoveries. Taste the different regions’ wines, savour the different sausages from district to district, learn new dances and make new friends. Urban or rural, it’s never far out of reach in Mallorca.

Easy Living

How does 300 days of sunshine a year sound? Mild winters, temperate climate? That can be very attractive but is usually found either in overpopulated places like the Riviera or remote locations lacking amenities. Not so in Mallorca. This is a place that isn’t overdeveloped, yet also has a strong infrastructure. Enjoy a laid-back lifestyle that includes well-maintained paved roads, modern airports that fly to all points in Europe and top-class schools.

It’s almost a kind of magic. While it has pastoral regions where you can still get a taste of a long-gone rustic past, it also offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere with great Wi-Fi and all the modern amenities one could want. And while real estate may be a bit pricey, it’s also more exclusive, providing owners with more bang for their money. Mallorca is also one of the safest places in Europe, so there’s not much to worry about—except maybe rain on one of those 60 days per year when the sun isn’t out.

Mallorca has always been known to be a very special island with an extraordinary pull. From its azure waters and verdant mountains, to acres of bodegas and quaint hilltop villages, it is a place easily fallen in love with and difficult to leave. Composers, rock stars and royalty alike have all fallen under its spell. If you are feeling the pull and want to follow in the footsteps of the great and good or are simply looking to explore a different part of the island, then let our experienced and knowledgeable team at Synergy Homes in Santa Catalina guide you in realising that dream.

Be it a penthouse in Palma, a seafront property along Mallorca’s glorious coast, or that perfect finca in the countryside, we have something to suit every discerning taste and budget. We look forward to welcoming you to Synergy Homes.

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