Smart By The Sea: Protecting and Maintaining Your Luxury Coastal Home


Luxury living can mean many things to many people. Large estates with exclusive amenities usually top the list of what such visions look like.

Impeccable interior design showcasing splendor and elevated taste is also a must. Level up from there, and maybe you have a massive pool, a private tennis court, horse stables — for those with the means the sky is the limit. But there is one element that also often figures into the idea of the perfect luxury living: a house on the coast.

Whether you’re settling in the untamed beauty of Maine’s craggy shorelines or living it up in Southern California’s sunny lifestyle, there’s just something about making your home along the ocean that is simply sublime. Sweeping views of the waves doing their thing are awe-inspiring and inviting. The ability to moor a boat for some leisurely cove exploration or sports fishing is one of the great exclusive experiences. Private beach space, fresh salty air, meditation sessions on the sand — what’s not to love?

While it’s easy to rush into making the dream of sharing some real estate with mother ocean come true, it’s wise to also pause and consider some of the realities that come with the deal. A healthy amount of respect needs to be in the mix, preparing oneself for living alongside such a formidable neighbor. Tidal forces carry with them great power. Weather patterns reflect the robustness of the sea’s influence. That salty spray we love so much carries with it invisible challenges.

Yes, living on the coast is a supreme privilege. And with that privilege comes the need to be a little more proactive in maintaining and protecting that luxury home you’ve invested so much in. Nothing to get worried about — there are plenty of active measures intelligent folks can take to make the most of their shoreline abode. It’s simply a matter of knowing what you’re facing, being ready for it and planning accordingly.

Ready for a little seaside living? Here’s how to take care of the home that affords you this beachy lifestyle!



Shielding the Castle

Living on the coastline means contending with the forces of nature. First and foremost are the corrosive effects of saltwater. As those wonderfully aromatic minerals fly through the air, they make their way into everything, causing corrosion. The good news is that with a few adjustments and strategies, you can stave off that corrosion. For example, if you’re keeping tools in the shed or garage, store them in plastic bags to keep the rust out. Similarly, you can insulate all exterior wiring to prevent the copper from going green.

On a larger scale, you need to think about the macro features of your home. Regular paint is bound to peel away over the years. Opt for a natural siding that you can treat with protective stains. Windows will need to be cleaned on a weekly basis if you want to avoid unsightly pitting. Keep an eye out for mold with regularly scheduled inspections and invest in dehumidification systems to stay ahead of that battle.

Beyond those kinds of basic measures, don’t forget that mother nature can have more in store. If your coastal home is prone to extreme weather events, be sure that everything from your siding to your roof and doors are properly reinforced to withstand those winds. Check local codes for these homes and stick to them. There is no better guide for protecting your house. Also, consider regular pest control as critters like termites love living by the sea as much as you do!

Standing Tall Against the Waves

As you may have noticed, living by the ocean means facing the unceasing forces of the tides. Lapping waves are fun to frolic in, but they also cause coastal flooding and encroaching erosion. Local municipalities and federal programs are on the case, regularly meeting that challenge. But you also have to protect your slice of coastline to reassure you’ll preserve your luxury home. One thing you can do is raise the house, keeping important infrastructure and valuable belongings above potential flood lines.

It’s not just about dealing with your structure, however. The surrounding landscape plays an important role as well. Employ smart and experienced landscapers to make sure that the dunes around your home are robust and protective of your property. Ample native vegetation can play a vital role in holding back erosion while simultaneously beautifying your property. Nature has its own measures to stand against the waves. Find the right partners to help put those in place to your advantage.

From Bumper to Bow

Don’t forget that your kingdom by the sea doesn’t end at your home’s foundation. You’re also an automobile owner and likely a boat owner as well. Keep your automobiles regularly cleaned and waxed, both washing away corrosive salt and maintaining a protective layer. Luxury vehicles should definitely also be covered when not in use and parked in the garage.

As for your boat, regularly scraping and painting the hull is key to a long and healthy lifespan for it. Drydocking strategies need to be in place both for winter storage and for evading weather events. And don’t forget that your dock space needs to be taken care of, too. Regularly treating the boathouse and boat slip will ensure you always have a solid place to moor your vessel.

Safety & Security

One final note on seaside living comes in the form of security. For many living on the coast, that means the public may share coastal access. Alarm systems and a camera array will help record any unwanted intrusions. Regular security visits will discourage nuisances and intervene with preventative measures. It’s not really any different in that way than any other luxury home. It just needs to be more mindful as the borders on the beach are a little fuzzier than normal. Don’t forget, the perks of coastal living make all of this totally worth it. Enjoy what you’ve got, and be sure to take care of it!

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