Staying at Home

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy reminds us as she clicks her sparkly red heels. As many of us may be spending more time at home, we are asked to reflect on what home means to us, why it’s so important and what is it about staying home that makes us feel there is no place like home.

As every person is unique, every home is also unique. Despite each home having a character of its own, there are certain unifying elements that make a house a home. Like all nest- or burrow-building mammals, humans have always felt the instinctual need to have a home. A home gives us a sense of security, safety and a place to rest. Beyond our instincts, home becomes part of our identity and our sense of self. Those of us who normally spend more hours at the office than in the comfort of our home are learning why our homes are so important to us.

Why is home is so important to us? How can we make use of our time at home to truly appreciate the expression “there’s no place like home?”

Home Is a Place to Relax

Staying home can easily provide a much-needed staycation. We all know that feeling of walking in the front door and slumping on the couch with a big exhale: kick off your shoes, throw your jacket on a chair and pull your hair down. The beauty of relaxing at home is that there are no expectations and nobody is watching. Take a long bubble bath or binge-watch your favorite show to unwind, relax and recharge in privacy.

You Can Be Yourself

There's no need for stylish outfits, makeup or a good shave while in the comfort of your own space. At home, you can let your hair grow and spend all day in your pajamas and no one will mind at all. In a judgment-free home, you have the space to be yourself and not care about what anyone else thinks.

It's An Expression Of You

A home is a beautiful expression of you and the life you have lived. Whether your home was professionally decorated to suit your individual style or you’ve done it yourself with souvenirs from travels and collected artwork, your home is a personal expression of you. Home is truly the greatest reflection of who you are.

You Can Get Creative

A home allows you to get creative about how you express yourself through personal details. This doesn’t just include choosing curtains; it’s also how you arrange the spaces in your home and present the land around your house. Gardens are another way to make your house your home. Whether you do it yourself or you leave it up to a landscaper, a garden is a personal expression of your unique taste and sense of comfort. Regardless of how you decorate or design your home and gardens, this personal expression makes our homes a deep and important aspect of our identities.

It Feels Like a Safe Haven

Our home is the ultimate safe haven. Within its walls, we are somehow tucked away from the woes of the world, which gives us some space to rest and enjoy the beauties of life. Home is also our space of comfort. When we walk through the front door we feel cushioned by an unparalleled feeling of safety and coziness. You can easily enhance the safe-haven feel of your home by maximizing the functionality of each space. Efficiency adds to feelings of relaxation as well as productivity. Both are important in establishing a safe haven. 

It's a Space To Enjoy With Family

For many, having family is the most important aspect of their lives. Home is important because it gives us the time and space to connect with and enjoy our families. Our homes are where we share experiences that enrich our lives and create memories that will stay with us forever.

It's Where Children Grow Up

They say home is where the heart is, and so it makes perfect sense that it is also the space we share with our loved ones. The home also provides children with an important sense of security and belonging. It gives them a strong foundation from which to grow and flourish into adulthood. Staying at home with the family is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and enjoy one another’s company.

It's Great For Socializing

Your home is also the space you want to feel comfortable welcoming your nearest and dearest. Together, you and your friends can relax in the comfort of your home and truly enjoy one another’s company. There is a certain intimacy about letting people into your personal space, so making your home a gathering place for friends brings a depth and openness to friendships.

It Helps Us Feel Grounded

Our home serves as the roots that keep us grounded. Even if we work or travel a lot, our home base always feels like a place of rest and nourishment to come back to after a long day or some time away.

It's Where We Reflect and Discover Ourselves

Whether you prefer to sit on the porch and watch the world go by or take up a hobby, home gives us a place to reflect on our lives and discover who we are. Hobbyists should make sure they have the space to pursue their passion at home. Painting, reading, writing, baking, gardening and all the other great activities that you can do at home: it’s all a part of what makes us who we are – and makes our home so important.

Staying at home is a wonderful way to relax, enjoy time with your family, explore your creativity and pursue your sense of self-expression. These elements are so fundamental to what it means to be human. A beautiful house is nice, but a home is truly what you make of it. So sit back in your favorite armchair, listen to your kids play in the next room and share a cocktail with your significant other. Then click your heels together and whisper “there’s no place like home.”

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