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The Experiences Magazine, formerly known as The Concierge Magazine is the leading in-room publication, custom made for the most iconic hotel brands in the world. It provides unique insights and a curated experience to inform, entertain and engage hotel guests, while providing the opportunity for a few select businesses to be promoted to an exclusive demographic.


Base Magazine, formerly known as The Opendoor Magazine is utilized by the most recognizable and exclusive real estate brands and teams in the world. It offers a verified source of valuable information for anyone looking to buy, sell or relocate together with engaging editorial. It provides the opportunity for reputable and relevant companies to showcase their products and services to these discerning clients, when they need them the most.

Hitched Magazine

Hitched is a designated wedding and event magazine, designed to support the clients of hotels and venues in planning every aspect of their big day! It is a platform to showcase the venue and their team, the unique selling features and amenities or services together with a few trusted partners and suppliers. 

Industry Magazine

Greydoor publishing produce a wide variety of “industry” publications, that are specific to trades or professions and help provide a verified source of information to the reader. These publications are content rich and help further promote the host, together with guiding users to finding trustworthy and capable tradesmen with the correct qualifications, skills and insurances. 

Rise Magazine

The Rise magazine was a title we loved instantly…Rise: To move upwards…This applies to the build and to the people for whom it becomes a new space.

We imagined a magazine to describe an individual development, rising from the ground to form a new living or work space. A magazine to promote all a new development has to offer and that helps a potential buyer imagine what it might be like to live or work there. 

However, the uniqueness of the Rise magazine is in the unique content that highlights much of what the host city or town have to offer. It’s relatively easy to talk about a beautifully designed new development and make it sound exciting but, when we combine those details next to customised, locally relevant articles and content, that speak to what make the town or city an attractive place to live too, that’s exciting.

This is a unique magazine that encourages the reader to consider a newly created space but that also shouts about the area in which it’s being built. Promoting the development and the local area simultaneously, is a unique concept, delivered brilliantly.

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